film pitch

so here's some concept sketchez i did for my fourth year film pitch
its gonna be about halloween

and here are some sketchez of kids in halloween costumes
tell me these aren't adorable!

also, i think its cool to leave in the coils in sketchbook scans

dairy farm caught fire

assignment in 2nd year story boarding, as a group we adapted a song into story boards, this was my verse.

and here's my design version of the characters, i like the face on the dog

and here are my boards in pitch format


rainbow fishing boards

here are the boards from my rainbow fishing leica in case you like your storyboards in pitch format

my favourite board. page 2. bottom right.

i catch lighting with my teeth because i am a man

dragon storyboards

some boards of a little dragon
an assignment in 2nd year story boarding
makes me chuckle

poor little dragon

cowboy sketchez 2

more cowboy sketchez

mario & luigi

just some messin around in photoshop with a sketch i did of mario and luigi.

and here's my original sketch


stop mo

a simple walk for a walk assignment

this one was just for fun
hop chickens! hop!

trick or treat

concept art for my forth year film

what colour's your monkey?

my college professor asking one of my classmates what colour his monkey is.
just another day at art school


rainbow fishing

so this was a story assignment
topic was "i want that"
so i decided to run with a drawing i had done of my friend paul and i riding a unicorn and fishing for the rainbow
i had to beef up the character designs to make them look more like us and then boarded the story

lion storytelling poses

same character as the muzzle sync, used him again for this sequential pose assignment.
had to have the character curious about a box, open the box and react to what's inside
sorry that i'm retarded and put the poses in a difficult order to follow.

i did number them though

two left feet

he can't dance cause he has two left feet
and one of them is on his head
it's funny cause the second foot would not affect his dancing abilities

bird boss

beak sync assignment for 2nd year animation

the audio is from GOB from Arrested Development played by Will Arnett. I tried to charicature him a bit with my design

he's got those little budgie cheeks and beak nose,
tried to capture the eyebrows and eyes
i really like how the second page of sketchez turned out

i really like how the rough stuff turned out, but not so much the clean turnaround and poses
i feel like they lost a lot of the character. I think i also stretched out his head more than i would've liked

office lion

muzzle sync assignment for 2nd year
right away i knew i wanted the character to be a lion, in a business shirt and tie, and a meek personality
animals in business attire will never get old
i had a lot of fun playing with the size of the mane
but in the end i decided to design the character after the voice

the quote i used is Tobias from Arrested Development played by the hilarious David Cross.
If you haven't seen the show, watch it, it's some of the best written and funniest stuff i've ever seen.

winter sean paul

just some sketchez of me and my buddy paul


here's a little amination for a lip sync assignment
the quote is Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia
i really like animating to energetic quotes. this one was fun to do

not very professional

it's not professional cause he's picking his nose with his tongue


here's some sketchez for a character i whipped up for a weight lift and toss assignment
i'm pretty pleased with how the character turned out, but i like the rough work a lot more
i always lose a lot when i go into cleanup
i try to keep my animation rough and full of life