sun day

for your viewing pleasure, our sheridan animation third year group film

I am extremely proud of the way this turned out.

It was my original idea and story pitch and it so was an incredibly exciting experience for me to be able to work in a group of such amazing and talented individuals to bring the story from concept to finished product in such a short amount of time. The time constraints for the film were 2-4 minutes, and we did 6 and a half. This film is a testament to what people can accomplish if they are passionate about something.

My role was director and head of story, and i also designed the characters. When i came into third year i had a vision in my head, i knew the tone i wanted, i knew the look, and i knew the emotion. And i could not be more proud than i am with the end result. It's amazing how everyone became so attached to the characters and the story.

And of course, Eddie West wrote an amazingly moving score that perfectly compliments the characters and look of the film and really makes the film whole. It would not be what it is without the music.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this, you did an amazing job, i am so proud.

Jen Bamford

Hail Kim

Joe McCauley

Cassandra Piesz

Morghan Peressini

Nosa Ott

Derek Spencer

Vanessa Stefaniuk

Eddie West


all business

here's a splash page i did for our school's art yearbook.
i liked how it turned out so i'm using it as my portfolio cover too.
this is almost every character i worked on during my time at sheridan.

and i reused the doodle of me scribbling as my business card


meet nash

here's a character i'm having a lot of fun with. he's a crocodile detective named nash.
i'm planning on doing a graphic novel with him cause he's so damn cool

life drawing

don't post a lot of life drawings so heres a couple i'm proud of.
both 5 min with conte.

and just so things don't get too serious, this is how i usually life draw...
5 min sequential poses


trick or treat

and now for something completely different.
this is some concept story sketchez i did for
my independent student film "Trick or Treat!"

lucas water dream sequence

here are my boards for lucas's dream sequence in our short film sun day.
i quite like how these turned out. i really enjoyed working on this film,
everything is drawn so soft.

sun day opening sequence boards

the opening sequence to our short film sun day, minus the giant space pan

and here's how it looks timed out.
the music is the talented eddie west's original score for the film.

lucas and sarah expressions

here are my character expression sheets for lucas and sarah, our characters from our film Sun Day, which hopefully we'll be able to post online soon.
I really like how these turned out.
grew very attached to these kids.

and here are my designs for sarah and lucas' parents who are not in the film
but i wanted to draw them anyway to better flesh out the kids.
these are wonderful :)
i miss drawing them



bunch of donkey kong country sketches with dk, diddy and dixie.
think i might do a cool wallpaper like i did for mario bros

all characters copyright nintendo


war of the worlds

HG Wells' classic: War of the Worlds


studies of life

Year four of my academic studies of art.
Here are an example of my life drawings.

sun day line up and turn around

aaaaand here are my final character lineups and turn arounds for our film


space bear

this is a space bear

lucas designs

Some revisions for the character designs of Lucas for our group film


sarah and villagers

some more concept sketches from Sun Day.
here are some designs for the sister and some villagers.

the villagers were later cut but i like this last one of the man and his little daughter

sun day

haven't posted anything in quite a while, so here's some stuff from the backlog.
these are some of my initial character concept sketches for the main character of our group film Sun Day.
these are pretty early and rough...