sun day

for your viewing pleasure, our sheridan animation third year group film

I am extremely proud of the way this turned out.

It was my original idea and story pitch and it so was an incredibly exciting experience for me to be able to work in a group of such amazing and talented individuals to bring the story from concept to finished product in such a short amount of time. The time constraints for the film were 2-4 minutes, and we did 6 and a half. This film is a testament to what people can accomplish if they are passionate about something.

My role was director and head of story, and i also designed the characters. When i came into third year i had a vision in my head, i knew the tone i wanted, i knew the look, and i knew the emotion. And i could not be more proud than i am with the end result. It's amazing how everyone became so attached to the characters and the story.

And of course, Eddie West wrote an amazingly moving score that perfectly compliments the characters and look of the film and really makes the film whole. It would not be what it is without the music.

Thank you to everyone who worked on this, you did an amazing job, i am so proud.

Jen Bamford

Hail Kim

Joe McCauley

Cassandra Piesz

Morghan Peressini

Nosa Ott

Derek Spencer

Vanessa Stefaniuk

Eddie West

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  1. this movie is 6 minutes long. You people are amazing :O